TRIA’s injection molding line of granulators are fully sound-proofed and designed for a variety of feed methods, ranging from manual to fully auto turn key systems. The large feed aperture provides a high degree of flexibility and allows for the feeding of large, thin-walled products. Low-cost recycling is due to its energy efficient design.

  • Granulators dedicated to injection molding
  • Standard grinding chamber in anti-wear steel to 750 Vickers
  • High level of safety switches
  • Rotary discs are standard
  • Constant cutting geometry
  • Screen area equal to 50% of rotor circumference
  • Tool-free access
  • Standard and customized feed and evacuation systems available
  • Turn key packages designed and installed
  • Free consultation and pay back calculations

Granulator for IMM up to 200 m/Tons, in line runners to150°C, cold scraps Grinding of all plastics , from TPU to PA6.6, filled with glass up to 25% Optimal in-feed of the regrind material into dosing and feeding system

Our granulators

JM Series
JM 2115
JM 4215

JM Series
JM 3220
JM 4220

SMGL Series
SMGL 100
SMGL 200

Regrind quality material

H omogeneous and uniform regrind constantly produced. Mechanical and physical properties of plastics unchanged.

  • R otary discs integral with the rotor and containment rings avoid overheating and dust production

Efficient solutions

Diverse production range of machines for recovery of scraps of varying size and weight maintenance reduced to the minimum.

  • Shape, orientation and shutter of hoppers greatly reduce fly-back

Energy efficiency

Lowest running cost expressed in kW h/k g available on the market. Reaction power cosφ reduced to minimum thus having a direct impact on hourly energy cost.

  • Keys for the fixing of motor pulley and flywheel
  • Pulley and flywheel design gives higher inertia

Easy operation and maintenance

Reduced mainenance frequency and downtime by advance engineering design. Safety of operator during use and maintenance.

  • Easy tool free access to screen, hopper, grinding chamber