The TRIA BM Series granulators are designed for blow-molded products and their associated waste. The large feed area of  BM granulators means they’re perfectly designed for high volume size reduction of large scrap products by reducing product “bounce.”

  • Granulators dedicated to blow-molded and voluminous waste
  • Grinding chamber with tangential feed eliminates “product bounce”
  • Anti-wear cutting chamber as standard hardened to 750 Vickers
  • Water-cooled cutting chamber
  • Rotary discs are standard
  • Scissor cut configuration
  • Constant cutting geometry
  • Screen area equal to 50% of the rotor circumference
  • Tool-free access
  • Standard and customized feed and evacuation systems available
  • Turn key packages designed and installed
  • Free consultation and pay back calculations

Full range of granulators for small bottles, tanks and jerry cans to 2 00 litre, coex fuel tanks 15 kg, IB C container, without pre-cutting In line grinding of pieces from blow molding and runners to 180°C 2 3 .000 bottles/h of 0,7 5 litre ground at start up, whithout fly-back

Our granulators

BM Series
BM 3530
BM 5030

BM Series
BM 6042
BM 9042
BM 12042

BM Series
BM 7060
BM 11060

Regrind quality material

Homogeneous and uniform regrind constantly produced. Mechanical and physical properties of plastics unchanged.

  • Increased gripping ability for a bigger productivity, especially for voluminuos and light small blow mouldings and large productions

Efficient solutions

Return on investment specific to each application, reliability through running time, maintenance frequency according to production line down time.

  • Specific cutting chember section
  • Water cooling, side discs, antiwear treatment and open rotor allow in-line grinding of pieces from blow molding and top&tail up to 180°C

Energy efficiency

Lowest running cost expressed in kWh/kg available on the market. Reaction power cosφ reduced to minimum thus having a direct impact on hourly energy cost.

  • Arrow angle, cutting edge and blades setting to reduce cutting stress

Easy operation and maintenance

Reduced mainenance frequency and downtime by advance engineering design. Safety of operator during use and maintenance.

  • Easy tool free access to screen, hopper, grinding chamber