The TRIA 80 Series is designed for the recovery of heavy and bulky scraps where a high output is required. Significant motor power, a large feed opening and a strong, big rotor provide ease of feeding for even the most unwieldy scraps.



VERSION GR These granulators are dedicated to scrap recovery from rigid or flexible extrusion or heavy molds. They’re also suitable for second step grinding of pre-crushed pieces.

VERSION TR These granulators are equipped with traction groups for the in-line and off-line grinding of film, plates and thermoformed sheets.


  • Granulators dedicated to the grinding of heavy plastics scraps
  • Grinding chamber with traditional  inclined cut to allow the intake of heavy bulky scraps
  • Rotary discs at rotor side
  • 3, 5 or 6 knife rotor
  • high throughputs achievable
  • Constant knives rotation
  • Screen with surface equal to 50% of the rotor circumference
  • Motor power from 8110 kW upwards
  • A large feed opening of minimum 1.040 mm
  • max. width 1.540 mm with rotor diameter 620 mm



  • Standard and customized feed and evacuation systems available
  • Turn key packages designed and installed


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