The TRIA JM 30 granulator is fully sound proofed and designed to cater to a variety of feed methods from manual feed to fully auto turn key systems. The large feed openings provide a high degree of flexibility and allow for a variety of products. Low-cost recycling is due to its energy efficient design.



VERSION XT These granulators are dedicated to scrap recovery from rigid or flexible extrusion for small sprues or heavy moulds. They’re also suitable for second step grinding of pre-crushed pieces. VERSION BM These granulators are dedicated to scrap recovery from blow molding, including runners, blown pieces and in-line parison at high temperatures. They also perform off-line grinding of pre-forms and blown pieces, and are suitable for molds, bulky and light thermoformed scraps.


  • Granulators dedicated to injection moulding
  • Standard grinding chamber in anti wear steel to 750 Vickers
  • High level of safety switches
  • Rotary discs as standard
  • Constant cutting geometry
  • Screen area equal to 50% of rotor circumference
  • Tool free access for fast & easy cleaning
  • Large rotor dimeter and openings with 350 mm and 500 mm


  • Standard and customized feed and evacuation systems available
  • Turn key packages designed and installed


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